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You have 14 turns to get it done and a wrong move could end your chances. Agricola though will give you more variety in the setup forcing you to adapt and play in different ways and thus providing more replayability.

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Caverna is very much like agricola but it s more forgiving and sandbox y fields of arle expands on that sandbox idea and opens up a world of possibilities for 1 2 players.

Caverna vs agricola reddit. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. Advanced players draft their cards so they can build combos. There s 3 real differences between agricola and caverna.

Which do you think is better. The minor improvements and occupations let you cheat a bit and cut some corners if you get a good combo going. Caverna is fun in its own right where agricola was more about trying to scavenge as many points as you can while feeding which is almost a main focus.

Caverna is more open giving you more options on what you can do and not punishing you as harshly for making sub optimal plays. If an interesting theme is a deciding factor i d also lean more toward caverna in that. Caverna is very much a sister game to gric and fixes a lot of issues people have with it.

This thread is archived. Agricola uses cards while caverna uses tiles. Posted by 4 years ago.

Caverna is a lot more focused on point optimization and feeding taking a backseat as a minor inconvenience. Agricola is the tighter design and for me more interesting to really burn your brain on. What s the deal with these two titles.

Agricola is bigger and filled with tension and pressure. What about the expansions. Agricola is tighter and you have to hit more exact marks in scoring if you don t want to get detractors.

The cards in agricola are dealt randomly from a much larger deck so that the cards used are different each game. Caverna uses the same tiles each game and these tiles don t change. Caverna however is more open ended and allows you to explore more options with your actions but as a result is an overall looser less painstaking game.

Having played both i d go with agricola. Depends on what you prefer. Glass road is a nice lighter rosenberg game with a neat theme.

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