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The caro kann defence is a chess opening characterised by the moves. What is strategy for white in caro kann.

Evolutionary View Of The Main Line Caro Kann To The 4 Nd7 Chess Com

Main line opening with free tools and analysis.

Caro kann main line. The chess tempo chess database provides over two million searchable chess games. White should keep d4 pawn with c2 c3. Make a suggestion.

Main line in the main line there are three variations the advance variation the exchange variation and the tartakower fantasy variation. E4 c6 the caro kann is a common defence against the king s pawn opening and is classified as a semi open game like the sicilian defence and french defence although it is thought to be more solid and less dynamic than either of those openings. This is the classical variation and it is usually associated with players who prefer very solid positions as black such as josé raúl capablanca the third world chess champion.

Main line opening with free tools and analysis. Black can now play. The main lines of the caro kann defence occur after the standard moves 3 dxe4 4 nxe4.

It often leads to good endgames for black who has the better pawn structure. Heading into the main lines. An up to date survey of the always popular main line caro kann which remains the most dependable ways for black to meet 1 e4 and plays a key role in the repertoires of such stars as anatoly karpov and jon speelman.

In the main line white meet d5 with knight on c3 or d2 and next white will capture the pawn with knight. The caro kann defense is one of the few defenses in chess where black can reach equality in the main line and many people would consider black to have a better position especially in the end game when the main line is played out. Study the caro kann defense.

This is usually because black does not compromise his pawn structure and will usually have an easier end game. Study the caro kann defense. Caro kann is the best choice against tactical players because the position in caro kann defense dose not allow any sharp battle it is rather strategical.

The advance variation is one of the most popular ways for white to deal with the caro kann defence. The database can be searched via many criteria including chess players chess opening player ratings game result and the year the chess game was played.

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