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The p 26 40 was an italian world war ii medium tank. It was intended as a replacement for older models namely the fiat l3 tankettes and the medium m11 39 an interim tank with a hull main gun.

Carro Armato M15 42 Na Hronenii Caserma Fratelli De Carli Cordenons Italy Italian Tanks War Tank Italian Army

The carro armato p26 40 was a rare example of an italian medium tank the italian army referred to it as a heavy tank as it was heavy in comparison to italy s other vehicles but it was.

Carro armato ww2. Carro comando semoventi m41 libya 1942. P for pesante the weight of 26 tonnes and the year of adoption. 5 50 x 2 80 x 2 50 m 19ft x 9ft 2in x 8ft 2in total weight battle ready.

3 commander radio operator driver gunner propulsion. The design was influenced by the british vickers 6 ton and was based on the modified chassis of the earlier m11 39. Carro armato m11 39 specifications.

Top speed road off road 40 km h 25 mph 25 km h 16 mph. The carro armato m13 40 was an italian world war ii tank designed to replace the m11 39 in the italian army at the start of world war ii. Semovente m41m or da 90 53 one of the most potent tank hunters used by the italian army.

V 12 spa 342 diesel 330 hp 243 kw 11 53 hp t. 4 commander driver machine gunner radioman loader propulsion. It was armed with a 75 mm gun and an 8 mm breda machine gun plus another optional machine gun in an anti aircraft mount.

The carro armato m celere sahariano italian for saharian fast medium tank was a prototype medium tank developed by the kingdom of italy during world war ii to match the speed and firepower of contemporary british cruiser tanks encountered by italian forces during the western desert campaign. Design had started in 1940 but very few had been built by the time italy signed the armistice with the allies in september 1943 and the few produced afterwards were used b. 4 70 x 2 20 x 2 30 m 15ft5 x 7ft2 x 7ft6 5 total weight battle ready.

32 2 km h 20 mph operational range. 200 km 125 mi armament see notes 37 mm 1 46 in vickers termi l40 84. It was the primary tank used by the italians throughout the war.

The official italian designation was carro armato p 26 40. Production of the m11 39 was cut short in order to get the m13 40 into production. Fiat spa 8t v8 diesel 105 hp.

The project was cancelled following the expulsion of axis forces from north africa in may 1943. Semi elliptical leaf spring bogies. Carro armato p26 40 specifications.

Carro armato m13 40 italy 1940 42 medium tank 779 built the main ww2 italian medium tank the specification for the m13 40 was first issued in december 1937 by the regio esercito. The name refers to m for medio according to the italian tank weight standards at the time 13 to. The breda 90 mm 3 54 in aa shared similar characteristics with the german 88 mm 3 46 in.

The Italian Carro Armato M 15 42 Medium Tank Was Nothing More Than A Further Development Of The M 14 41 Series With One Of The More Distinguishable Features Bei

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