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But the lagotto stands several inches taller. Lagottos should be square in body with long legs their legs being a fraction longer than elbow to shoulder measurement.

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The dog has different shades of brown with some white dispersed all over the body the colour of a lagotto is changing allot during his life especially in the first 1 2 years.

Brown light lagotto romagnolo. It originates in the marshlands of the delta del po in the eastern part of the romagna sub region of italy. The lagotto romagnolo is a mid sized breed. Small to medium sized dog well proportioned powerfully built of rustic appearance with a dense curly coat of wooly texture.

Off white solid colour white with brown or orange patches orange roan brown roan brown in different shades with or without white orange with or without white. The brown can be in any shade. Some dogs have a brown to dark brown mask.

Many and varied shades of brown. Often there will be white fur appearing through the brown towards the end of the dog s first year. Home raised portuguese water dog puppies and lagotto romagnolo in ontario canada with the best of quality pedigrees with all health testing and guarantees.

Most will fade occasionally genetics will dictate that a coat will remain dark. Stout and very well proportioned with thick curly hair of woolly texture. For colour the lagotto romagnolo breed standard states.

So the lagotto is about the same weight as a cocker spaniel. Since the drainage of large areas of wetland habitat in its area of origin it is now more often. Sometimes faded brown lagotto will go darker again but usually it changes back and forth throughout their lives.

Lagotto romagnolo breed standard general appearance. Only occasionally a coat will remain dark. Brown roan puppies get born white brown and turn darker after a few weeks.

Its traditional function was as a gundog specifically a water retriever. The lagotto romagnolo is an italian breed of dog. How many of these colours do we have in new zealand.

Lagotto romagnolo ontario canada a covid19 update 18 august 2020 i want to thank all those people who have shown interest in the lagotto breed over the last few months. The dog should give the impression that he has the strength and endurance to work all day in difficult and challenging terrain. Males stand 17 to 19 inches 43 48 cm and weigh 28 35 lbs 13 16 kg.

Females stand 16 to 18 inches 41 46 cm and weigh 24 31 lbs 11 14 kg. Tan markings in different shades allowed. Lagotto romagnolo are a medium small size dog of rustic appearance.

The white parts are dirty white freckled brown roan 2. All lagotto have a brown nose. Brown brown lagotto born dark brown but most of them will fade with age.

The name derives from romagnol can lagòt meaning water dog. Lagotto do not come in black.

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